RiskHorizon™ helps you understand, evaluate, prioritise and take action on external risks.

You can't know what is over the horizon, but you can make smarter decisions for a brighter future.

The RiskHorizon™ tool aggregates over 100 of the worlds most credible data sets to profile risk and/or opportunity to provide structured insights into non-financial risk and opportunity. It leverages Anthesis’ and delivery partner, Acclimatise’s industry-leading subject matter expertise.

RiskHorizon™ enables you to:

  • Future cast risks and opportunities facing your fixed assets, supply chain and business model

  • Quantify the “value at risk” to support improved and resilient commercial decisions

  • Prioritise the best use of capital investment and improve enterprise risk management

  • Target future commercial activities (e.g. alternative sourcing locations) to increase the resilience of operations and supply chains

How does RiskHorizon™ work?

  • Web-based platform showing 25 global risk impacts for 175+ countries

  • Profile risk and/or opportunity outcomes under different policy, governance and climatic scenarios

  • Benchmark individual sectors to get a view on direct and indirect risks

  • Convert data into cost/revenue options to assess your ‘value at risk’

  • Generate an action plan to identify cost savings / reduction opportunities

Who does RiskHorizon™ support?

  • Investment managers to undertake sector-level ESG screenings and assess the materiality of individual to assets and investments.

  • Risk management professionals to evaluate risks that impact the continuity and resilience of their under a range of different scenarios.

  • Supply chain managers to prioritise, manage, monitor areas of supply chain to meet strategic sourcing and to manage reputational advantage.

  • C-suite to shape their long-term strategy through the monetisation of risks and opportunities.

RiskHorizon™ is jointly developed by