How can RiskHorizon™ help me to identify, manage and quantify my external risks?

Follow 5 easy steps to help you understand, evaluate, prioritise and take action on external risks


What should I be worried about now and in the future?

Provide Sector Benchmark and Company Profiling to develop an understanding of external risks to assets and investments


What is important to me?

Sector benchmark, Company Profile and Geographic / Commodity Risks Ratings for a developing view on direct and indirect risks that impact the continuity


What and where are my biggest risks?

RiskHorizon™ provides a List of Priority Impacts and Quantification of Value at Risk to provide the ability to prioritize, manage, monitor impacts to meet strategic objectives and manage reputational advantage.


What do I know? Where do I invest my money?

RiskHorizon™ helps Identify Reduction Opportunities to Generate Cost Savings and to Strengthen Existing Risk Mitigations to improved and resilient commercial decisions.


What do I need to report?

RiskHorizon™ provides Targeted management information with Data Visualizations and Infographics to deepen engagement and understanding with key stakeholders.

What questions can RiskHorizon™ help me solve?

What should I be worried about now?

Screen 25 risks, across 5 categories: Economic, environmental, technological, social and geopolitical. Extends to 175+ countries - including subnational climate data

What could happen in 10 years time?

Using the scenario building capabilities explore a range of technological, socioeconomic and policy future scenarios for your sector, organization or project.

What is important to me?

View the sector baseline and build your company profile to assess the risks and opportunities linked to your assets, investments and supply chain.

How do I compare with the competition?

Conduct comparative analysis with industry baselines.

Conduct comparative analysis with industry baselines.

Define the financial value of your business interests that is subject to severe, high, medium and low risk, as well as impact on the brand/reputation.

Which is the best route?

Identify reduction opportunities to generate cost savings and to strengthen existing risk mitigations.

Where is my money best spent?

Develop an action plan a the basis for building improved resilience.

What do I need to report?

Track progress, review and report to stakeholders (internal and external), using infographics to bring the outputs to life.